11106 US Highway 41 South, Gibsonton, Florida 33534

Mauricio Carra, Martial Arts Instructor

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Mauricio Carra

Professor Lineage:

Mitsuyo Maeda → Carlos Gracie, Sr. → Helio Gracie → Rolls Gracie → Romero Cavalcanti → Léo Vieira → Robert Drysdale, → Mauricio Carra


Mauricio fell in love with BJJ while watching the first UFC edition where he saw Royce Gracie submitting fighters many times his own size. The spectacle of it all inspired Mauricio and fueled deep desire to learn something different.

Coach Carra's Favorite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu position, submissions, etc:

  • Position – X-Guard and Go To The Back
  • Go To The Back Submissions – Bow and Arrow and Armbar

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