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Having started my BJJ training late in life, I'm truly blessed to be surrounded by such fine people. Having grandkids, it's great seeing the kids blossom into fine, confident humans. Thanks, Professor Mauricio, and the upper classes for a great training experience. I'm learning a lot and have never been so fit.


Great place to train! Professor is highly skilled and helpful at all times. People are super friendly and respectful, which makes for a super safe and fun environment to train. BJJ is an excellent workout for body and mind, I definitely recommend.

Marcelo Hasimoto

Been taking my son for a couple months and have been impressed by Professor Mauricio’s passion and knowledge of Jiu Jitsu. Decided to start training as well about a month ago and have had a great time. Great workout and lots of fun! Great environment and great people all around. I have no previous experience and everyone has been very helpful...

Elias Vazquez

Professor Mauricio is a true martial artist. Kind humble and deadly 😂. Anytime I’m in the area for work I try to visit the gym. Wonderful school and great training in a welcome environment.

Chris Monty

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